Meet The Staff


Jess Cheah

I have worked more than 10 years at BOLD.  Starting from a medical background with little experience working with children, I joined BOLD because it was, and still is, my career objective to help people in need while, at the same time, improving myself. I like working here because I enjoy teaching the children.


Komathi Sundiasegran

After studying Digital Art & Design at KDU University College, I joined BOLD in 2012 as full-time staff at our Seberang Jaya Centre. In the mornings I am with ACS Early Intervention Program and in the afternoons I coordinate BOLD’s Focus on Literacy Program. I really enjoy working and playing with children in these two programs. This experience has taught me so much about the skills and patience needed to help Children with Special Needs. 

Tasha Merican

Before joining BOLD in 2015, I was actively engaged for 8 years in NGO work with women & children. Joining BOLD has opened my eyes to understanding and helping Children with Special Needs. Besides handling our reading intervention program at the centre, I love reaching out to children who are not able to come to BOLD through storytelling sessions in their schools or pre-schools.


Lee Soo Hoon

After 20 years of NGO work in early childhood intervention, I am now in private practice. But I remain BOLD’s Consultant for its Inclusive Support Program which provides support and training for preschool and primary school teachers to include Children with Special Needs in mainstream classrooms. One of my most meaningful projects with BOLD is the production of “We are Friends”, a set of children’s books for teachers to use in promoting empathy and acceptance of Children with Special Needs.


Tan Kien Hooi

I love reading, so helping children to learn to read is my passion in life. This led me to join BOLD in 2005 to start the Focus on Literacy Program. My first challenge was to train a team to help children in a SJKT learn to read Tamil, a language I did not know! Such challenges in the years I worked for BOLD pushed me to work harder to learn more about different strategies to help children who have difficulties learning to read. Currently, I divide my time between my own private practice and continuing to help BOLD to develop its Focus on Literacy Program. 

Ong Guat Kooi

I became interested in BOLD from the talks and workshops organized for parents and teachers of Children with Special Needs. When BOLD started intervention services, I became a regular volunteer. As a preschool teacher, I bring my experience to BOLD while learning new skills from BOLD.  Now I work part-time for BOLD organizing Play Groups and Social Groups as well as teaching in the Focus on Literacy Program. 


Felicia Lee

My special needs son gave me the insight to dive deep into Learning Disabilities & Special Education. It is now my goal to combine my range of experiences and abilities to be a compassionate and enthusiastic teacher for the benefit of our children. I am truly glad to be part of BOLD as it allows me to make a positive contribution to the community. 

Buaneswary Arumugam

My teaching career has spanned 31 years of service in 12 SJKT in Penang & Kedah. During this time, I have served in different capacities from teacher, to counsellor, to senior assistant for students affairs. In my retirement, it is my passion to reach out to children from poor family backgrounds who are in need. I also conduct free classes in yoga, meditation and breathing exercises.

Our Dedicated Team


BOLD is able to reach more than 100 children every year, at our Activity Centres as well as through Outreach programs in preschools and schools, through the efforts of the many dedicated team members who teach and play with the children several times a week. Some of them have been contributing their time and energies to BOLD for more than 10 years!

Evelyn Lai Kia Fah

         (since 2007)         


Seela a/p Arumugam

(since 2007)

At our Seberang Jaya Centre

Goh Kim Thum

(since 2009)


Seow Hooi Cheng

(since 2009)

Khoo Poh Hong

(since 2011)

At our Minden Centre

minden judy.jpg

Ooi Joo Dee

(since 2017)

Tan Mee Har

(since 2019)

minden yoke fang.jpg

Pua Yoke Fang

(since 2019)

Susiela a/p Govindas

(since 2012)

Indra a/p Perumal (since 2016)

At SJKT Sg Ara and SJKT Bayan Lepas

Focus on Literacy Outreach with Yayasan Hasanah 

 3 teams teaching in 3 different languages are helping children with reading difficulties in 9 preschools/primary schools.

Allimalar a/p Rajendran

Anne Tan Hong Lee

Kee Huei Bin

Malay Language team

Tishalini a/p Subramaniam

Melvin Chan

Yeoh Soo Wah

Tan Siew Bee

Ong Bee Khuan

Karen Lee Wai Leng

Chinese Language team

Elaine Tan Khoon Gaik

Hor Fuh Phing

Khor Cheng Kooi

Evelyn Lai

Parvathi a/p Sinathambhy

Vasugi a/p Annamalay

Bogasri a/p Ghanasekaran

Tamil Language team

Nanthini a/p Supramaniam

Leghedurga Panner Selvam

Linghashenee Puveneswaran

Keyboard and Mouse
BOLD Committee Members (2020-2022)


Dr. Tan Liok Ee

Vice President

Dr. Hamima Dona Mustafa

Honorary Secretary 

Ms Lim Kah Cheng

Assistant Secretary 

Ms. Chia Kien Eng

Honorary Treasurer

Ms. Irene Teoh

Chairman Fundraising Committee

Dato’ Dr. Sharom Ahmat


Ms. Yep Beng Hong  |  Ms. Shirley Koay | Ms. Tan Lay Cheng

Ms. Aimy Lee | Ms. Chew Guat Bee | Ms. Ewe Fang Yunn

Mr. Lim Wei Lun | Ms. Lee Hoong Kee

Asia Community Services Representative

Ms. Khor Ai-Na