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Distinctive Features of our Programs

  • Involving & empowering families

  • Using research-based, best practice intervention strategies

  • Identifying & addressing the specific needs of individual children

  • Constant upgrading of knowledge and skills

  • Off-site Outreach

  • Emphasizing Inclusive Education to build an Inclusive Society for different needs & abilities


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our programs and services are now online or on-hold until further notice.



Play Group/ Social Group

Weekly sessions for 3-5 year old children using action songs, games and creative arts in fun-filled interactions to develop their social & communication skills.

Weekly sessions for 6-9 year old children focusing on improving social and learning skills, such as turn taking, staying on task, following rules & instructions.

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Focus on Literacy

An early intervention program for 5-8 year old children facing difficulties in learning the basic skills of reading and writing. BOLD has developed specialized teaching methods and materials in 3 languages - Malay, Chinese & Tamil – and trained facilitators to conduct the program.


Parents Support Group

Monthly meetings bring families together to share the challenges and problems they face in raising a Child with Special Needs. Debriefing and learning about useful coping strategies from each other provides an invaluable source of mutual support.


Talks, Workshops, Conferences

Every year BOLD organizes a range of talks & workshops to spread awareness and upgrade knowledge and skills of parents, teachers and caregivers. Specific sessions are designed as in-house training to upskill staff and team members.


As a founder member of the National Early Childhood Intervention Council (NECIC), BOLD has sent delegations to all Biennial Conferences organized by the Council since 2006.

Since 2009, BOLD and ACS have worked together, pooling human resources and sharing costs to consolidate and strengthen 4 important intervention programs for Children with Special Needs. Joint training workshops are organized regularly to bring our staff together to share & learn together.



First Step

An Early Intervention Program for Children with Developmental Delays/ Disorders, from birth to 4 years. Staff work one-on-one with the child and the primary caregiver so that the family learns the essential intervention activities for the child’s specific needs and can incorporate them into daily activities at home. Older children meet in small groups to prepare them for inclusion into mainstream preschools.


Support for Inclusion

This program is conducted in multi-facetted ways to promote and support the Inclusion of Children with Special Needs in mainstream educational settings, starting from the pre-school and working upwards to primary & secondary school settings. Activities range from talks and workshops to raise awareness & train teachers and parents to publications to promote acceptance of Children with Special Needs.


Jom Mobile Toy Library

This is a Community Outreach Program which brings the joys of play to children with severe disabilities living in rural areas of Penang. The Mobile Library brings toys and games to rural PDKs to encourage their staff to appreciate the importance of play in the children’s development. 

Playing at Respite.jpg

Respite Care

This Program offers short-term care for children and young persons with disabilities so their parents/caregivers can “take a break”. The objective is to help families recover their energies, strength and resilience in the 24/7 tasks of caring for their children, thereby promoting the happiness of the children and the family as a whole. 

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