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Yayasan Hasanah Project 2020: It is All about the Children

With support from Yayasan Hasanah in 2020, BOLD carried out the Focus on Literacy Outreach Project to help Children with Reading Difficulties, aged 6-8 years old, attain functional literacy. When the project ended in March 2021, all the children have undergone remarkable changes in learning attitudes and behavior. Their self-confidence, interest in books and reading, and communication skills have improved. Their parents as well as their schools would like BOLD to continue the FOL program. Find out more about the project and read the stories of Adil and Juju.

The Story of Adil

Adil is one of the most interesting "special" students Tan Siew Bee has taught in her many years as a team member with BOLD's FOL Program ... read more.

The Story of Juju

Juju is a shy and quiet 9-year-old Sabahan boy who has been labelled as naughty by his teachers because he finds it hard to concentrate, walks around and fidgets in his seat, says Felicia Lee, his FOL teacher ... read more.

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