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Kind Hearts, Kind Thoughts, Kind Words, Kind Deeds

Kind hearts are the gardens; Kind thoughts are the roots;

Kind words are the flowers; Kind deeds are the fruits

(Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

Madam Liang Mei Lan enjoys making paper flowers and has been making them as gifts for family and friends. To celebrate her 99th birthday this year, she decided to use her skills to raise RM99,000 for charity. BOLD is honored to be chosen by Madam Liang for her donation drive. Her story, which was reported in several local newspapers, touched many hearts. As a result, the total collected by her birthday on 26 April, amounted to RM160,000! This contribution to BOLD is especially welcome in the pandemic situation when most organizations, including BOLD, will face financial difficulties. Madam Liang has shown us that we can continue to contribute to society regardless of our age.

As a token of our appreciation, BOLD presented Madam Liang with a Chinese calligraphy scroll, written by Ms Yeap Mei Kuan.

“From the gracious lady’s heart of gold and skillful hands,

A hundred flowers blooming bear fruit in four corners of the world.”

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