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Empowering Children with Special Needs and their Families

BOLD for Special Needs Penang


BOLD is a community-based, non-profit, tax exempt organization dedicated to serving Children with Special Needs and their families.


BOLD started in 1998 as a project of the Penang Educational Consultative Council, a Penang State Government initiative to improve educational services and facilities in the state. From the modest objective of raising awareness about learning difficulties, BOLD’s activities grew rapidly to include providing intervention programs in two Activity Centres. In 2008, BOLD became a registered society with a long-term vision of serving Children with Special Needs in Penang. Since then, we have reached more than 5000 Children with Special Needs and their families.

Help Us Help Children with Special Needs …

It's all about the Children

Thank you to Yayasan Hasanah for supporting our FOL Project. Find out more and read about the stories of Adil and Juju. read more.

Focus on Literacy

The Focus on Literacy team continues to help children with reading and writing difficulties …... read more.

Supporters & Nurturers


BOLD owes its steady growth to many sources of support and nurture. BOLD began with stimulus funding from the Penang State Government and continues to receive annual grants in support of specific programs. The Penang Skills Development Centre nurtured our Activity Centre on the island with an annual grant from 2003 to 2019. Grants from local foundations & corporations, among them Lim Lean Teng Foundation, Edge Education Foundation, Wawasan Education Foundation, Heng Lee Group, Rubber Trade Association, Intel Foundation helped us to grow programs from year to year. In addition, special funding from Yayasan Hasanah, Kuok Foundation, ECM Libra Foundation and Shell’s Raya Charity Campaign 2018 enabled us to explore new directions and expand outreach work. Last but by no means least, each year BOLD receives donations from generous individuals in support of our work.

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