Every Child with Special Needs will have the opportunities to reach their full developmental potential to lead a rich and fulfilling life in an inclusive community.


To support the rights of Children with Special Needs to:-

•  Early detection & Intervention

•  Family-centred Services

•  Inclusion in Mainstream Education

•  Learn the necessary skills for independent living


BOLD’s work will be guided by:-


  • The highest standards of professionalism

  • Understanding the needs of each individual child

  • Respect for differences

  • Empathy and care for every child


BOLD will work on providing:-

Intervention Services - to bring immediate benefits to Children with Special Needs and provide examples of best practice intervention.

Support for Families - to empower families so that they can enable their Children with Special Needs to reach their full potential and live independently.

Training - to upgrade skills and knowledge of staff, parents and caregivers

Awareness & Advocacy - to spread the message to reach more families, institutions and policy makers.